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“What I feel is like I work in the office to make comics, then I was still thinking about my work at home. And I don’t feel overwhelmed by what I think and do. I think passion is an activity I love, that has a foundation (my life purpose),” said Chris Lie.

Picture: HAPPIER in October, November 2017

In Cover: Chris Lee, Team: Yuria Silvina (Chief Editor), Ardy Aliman (Editor), Josephine Indriani (Graphic Designer), Raja Regar (Photographer), Erlangga (Stylish), Obby (Grooming)


This is my first brand I’ve published, my first magazine, HAPPIER. I made it because I want to share positive things for young people in Indonesia. I didn’t write many things, except about ‘passion’, in the first edition, October and November 2017. You can find it all over the Gramedia bookstore, but now I’m putting off the next edition. I’m preparing a new website and contents list. I’ll let you know very soon!